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Therapies. Hand in Hand.

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Welcome to BSN medical Australia and New Zealand

BSN medical is a world leader in the medical device sector, specialising in the areas of orthopaedics, vascular therapy and wound management.

We provide therapies that work together across the entire treatment lifecycle for clinicians and their patients. These 'integrated therapy solutions' are designed to serve throughout the course of a patient’s injury or condition.

To put it another way, we aim to be more than just a product provider for a specific problem. Our goal is to help make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients who require specialist wound care, compression therapy or joint support due to illness or injury.

Therapies. Hand in hand.

We take pride in providing clinicians with therapies that improve their patients' quality of life.

Chronic Venous Disease

Integrated therapy solutions for the improvement of outcomes.

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Surgical wounds

Integrated therapy solutions designed to treat post-operative and acute surgical wounds

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Integrated therapy solutions fitted for living.

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Ankle Sprain

Integrated therapy solutions for the treatment and prevention of re-injury.

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BSN medical Australia and New Zealand
PO Box 337
Mount Waverley 3149


 Tel: 1300 BSN MED (1300 276 633)

Fax: 1300 998 830 



New Zealand

 Tel: 0508 BSN 111 (0508 276 111)

Fax: 0508 998 830