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Actimove® Umerus
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Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer


Actimove® Umerus is a shoulder immobiliser that limits abduction, extension and internal rotation of the humerus. The adjustable neck and waist strap with Y-tab hook system facilitates secure clinical positioning, while the integrated neck pad provides extra patient comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated neck pad provides additional patient comfort
  • Adjustable neck and waist strap with Y-tab hook system, facilitates secure clinical positioning
  • Elbow mobilisation is possible without complete sling removal
  • Soft thumb loop effectively maintains sling placement
  • Envelope in cotton for increased patient comfort

Ordering Information

Code Description Items per unit
72819-3934cm - 38cm (Small)bx/1
72819-4037cm - 43cm (Medium)bx/1
72819-41 42cm - 48cm (Large) bx/1
72819-42 8cm+ (Extra Large)bx/1

Instructions for use

Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer

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