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Delta-Cast® Prints
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Polyester Casting Bandage

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


Delta-Cast® Prints is a patterned fibreglass free casting material. Intended for rigid primary and secondary casting applications where colourful prints improve patient compliance and comfort. For an appealing cast finish with excellent cast strength and radiolucency.


Fibreglass-Free Substrate

  • Delta-Cast Prints is comprised of polyester substrate which features extensible yarns that easily shape to body contours, providing enhanced molding capabilities for both primary and secondary casting applications and produces less dust during cast removal.

Superior Resin System

  • Ensures maximum lamination and end laydown for strong, long-lasting casts.

Long-Lasting, Vibrant Patterns

  • Delta-Cast Prints is available in lively and fun prints such as pastel, paw prints and camouflage. 

Ordering Information

CodeDescriptionItems per unit
72273-22Camouflage 5cm x 3.6mbx/10
72273-06Camouflage 7.5cm x 3.6mbx/10
72273-20Paw Prints 5cm x 3.6mbx/10
72273-21Paw Prints 7.5cm x 3.6mbx/10
72273-07Pastel 7.5cm x 3.6mbx/10
72273-17Pastel 5cm x 3.6mbx/10
72273-02Dinosaurs 5cm x 3.6mbx/10
72273-05Teddy Bears 5cm x 3.6mbx/10
NOTE: Teddy Bears not available in NZ


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