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Delta-Cast® Soft
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Semi-Rigid Polyester Casting Tape

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


Delta-Cast® Soft is fibreglass-free and was designed to provide variable support to fractures and soft tissue injuries. Its semi-rigidity allows for more flexibility and mobility, thus helping to reduce immobilisation related problems such as atrophy or joint stiffness. As a result, the overall healing process tends to be shortened.


  • Earlier patient mobility as cast will allow a limited range of movement
  • Improved circulation, faster healing, shorter rehabilitation period
  • Delta-Cast® Soft will help avoid or minimise muscle atrophy and other immobilisation related issues
  • Lightweight, breathable material offers high wearing comfort
  • Smooth surface and edges for a snag-free finish
  • Available in a wide range of attractive colours

Ordering Information

CodeDescriptionItems per unit
72708-022.5CM X 3.6M WHITEbx/10
72708-125CM X 3.6M WHITEbx/10
72708-227.5CM X 3.6M WHITEbx/10
72708-3210CM X 3.6M WHITEbx/10
72708-055CM X 3.6M BLUEbx/10
72708-157.5CM X 3.6M BLUEbx/10
72708-2510CM X 3.6M BLUEbx/10
72708-085CM X 3.6M REDbx/10
72708-187.5CM X 3.6M REDbx/10
72708-2810CM X 3.6M REDbx/10


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