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Easifix K®
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Light Weight Non-Adhesive Retention Bandage

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


Easifix K® retention bandages are made from a combination of nylon and rayon. Constructed to stretch in all directions to conform to awkward body contours, Easifix K remains secure whilst allowing maximum joint mobility. The open-knitted construction improves patient comfort, while the finished edges prevent fibre shredding. Easifix K is available in a range of width sizes to suit a variety of light dressing retention needs.


Note: Description indicates unstretched length. 

Ordering Information

CodeDescription Items per unit
72617-002.5cm x 2.4m20 rolls
72617-015cm x 2.4m20 rolls
72617-027.5cm x 2.4m20 rolls
72617-0310cm x 2.4m20 rolls
72617-0415cm x 2.4m20 rolls


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