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Our offering in this area is unique: a portfolio of therapies that work together across the treatment lifecycle to address the needs of patients, clinicians and healthcare organisations.


BSN medical has a variety of consumable products intended for use in many different situations.

Acute Wound Care

Our new and improved range of wound care products is highly regarded for meeting the needs of patients with acute and surgical wounds.

Advanced Wound Care

Discover Cutimed® advanced wound care from BSN medical, an innovative wound management range which reliably covers all wound healing phases. Especially developed for the successful treatment of difficult and complex wounds, our state-of-the-art...

Compression Therapy

Our compression therapy products are designed to improve the quality of life of patients with venous and lymphatic diseases, including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, peripheral oedema and...

Surgical Blades

The comprehensive Swann-Morton range of surgical blades, handles, stitch cutters and scalpels is the result of dedication to quality of the highest standard and the latest technology.

First Aid Dressings

As part of any normal day, the need for first aid can occur as people undertake many activities during work or play. Having a simple and effective solution for any injuries that arise is increasingly important, particularly for those responsible for...


Many clinical settings have the potential to expose individuals to a wide range of risks associated with the transmission of contaminents. These contaminents could detrimentally affect the clinician, patient or therapy being administered. The...

Surgical Dressings

BSN medical provides a range products designed to meet the needs of the operating thetare, hospital and other medical environments. Available in sterile and non sterile formats, our surgical dressings range can be tailored to meet individual...


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