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General Medical Products

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


The innovative Unicup is a custom designed receptacle which has been carefully developed to provide an easier, more convenient and less embarrasing method for the collection of urine samples for men and especially women.

The Unicup has also proven useful for handling a variety of liquids.

Features and Benefits

The features of the Unicup make an otherwise unpleasant task as easy and hygenic as possible for all concerned. From collection to testing, the Unicup is a uniquely simple solution.

  • Stacks for easy storage
  • Receptacle holds liquids up to 200ml
  • Integrated handle and pouring spout to reduce spillage during sampling
  • Disposable, preventing cross infection


  • Pregnancy testing
  • Admittance to hospitals
  • Bacteriological analysis
  • Glucose and ketone body testing for diabetics
  • Kidney and liver function analysis
  • Drug testing

For New Zealand customers only.

Ordering Information

Catalogue® Description Size UOM Pack Qty Shipper Qty
2999060 UNICUP - 200ml 50 Non-Sterile Pack 1 10
2901498 PROPAX® MSU Trays Unicup x 60 Trays Sterile Shipper 1 1


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