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Actimove® TaloCast-Air
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Functional ankle brace


The Actimove® TaloCast-Air is a functional ankle brace that stabilises the ankle joint comfortably and securely while allowing maximum mobility.

Features and Benefits

Cushioning comfort

  • Air cells prefilled at optimal level
  • Air cells can be individually adjusted for customised fit
  • Free air flow inside air cells creates a massage effect reducing swelling
  • Cushioning double-layer foam inlay for enhanced wearing comfort

Secure stabilisation

  • Semi-rigid, lightweight shells for the right balance of stabilisation and mobility supporting a quick recovery
  • High-quality durable heel pad provides a strong and tight fit 360° surround straps give secure support

Sleek and slim design

  • Anatomically shaped low profile shells fit comfortably in everyday footwear enabling patients to quickly return to normal activity
  • Flat head rivets and seamless welding technology for a slim look
  • Sleek and modern black & blue design for enhanced patient compliance

Ease of use

  • Easily adjustable heel pad with hook and loop closure system on the outside of shell
  • The heel pad´s printed foot symbol ensures correct application
  • Shells can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth

Ordering Information

Code Description Height Item per unit
73088-15Standard right > 162cm pk/1
73088-16 Standard left > 162cmpk/1
73088-17 Trainer right < 162cm pk/1
73088-18 Trainer left < 162cm pk/1

Instructions for Use

Functional ankle brace

Actimove TaloCast-Air MUST BE worn over a sock and applied while seated.

Step 1.
Open the heel pad straps on the outside of the brace and adjust to desired width.

Place round edge of heel pad under the heel and align the brace with ankle. Further adjustment to width of heel pad can be made at this time by adjusting and fastening the heel pad straps on the outside of the brace.

Secure lower strap first.

Then secure upper strap in OPPOSITE DIRECTION

Adjust the brace by squeezing the sides together with one hand and tightening the straps from lower to upper until a comfortable and secure level of support has been reached.

A sports shoe or any other type of lace up shoe may then be worn.


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