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DeSoutter® CC5 Cast Saw
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Cast Saw and Accessories

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


The DeSoutter® CC5 CleanCast system combines the CC5 low voltage saw with integrated dust extractor, and the portable CCS extractor unit. This combination offers ergonomic design as well as performance and durability.

Features and Benefits

Increased operator control

  • Low voltage saw operates at only 25v d.c.
  • Two speed control on both saw and extractor. Quiet low speed setting is ideal for children, whilst high speed setting allows thick body casts to be cut quickly.
  • Insulated rubber motor mounts reduce vibration to the operator's hand.

Improved operation

  • Integrated dust extraction path through the saw hand piece provides better visibility and handling whilst eliminating the need for an extraction hood.

Safe Working Environment

  • Insulation of the internal mechanisms results in an extremely low sound level of 68db(A)
  • Four levels of filtration on the CCS extractor achieve a filtration level of 99.9997% on all dust particles greater than 0.5 microns

Ordering Information

CodeDescriptionItems per unit
CC5A-230AUS DeSoutter CC5 Cast Saw (Including Extractor Unit)1
6250Cast Saw Blade to suit DeSoutter PTFE coated 64mm1
67400065Cast Saw Blade to suit DeSoutter Stainless Steel 64mm1


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