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Handygauze® Cohesive
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Cohesive Retention Bandage

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


Handygauze Cohesive is a white, non-slip cohesive bandage for securing dressings. It is low-bulk and sticks only to itself, not to skin, hair or clothing.

Handygauze Cohesive is air permeable, making it cool and comfortable to wear. It can be cut from the roll to any length, making it highly cost-effective. Available in both a 4m and 20m roll format, Handygauze Cohesive is an extremely versatile dressing option.


Note: Description indicates unstretched length.

Ordering Information

Code Description Items per unit
8631 2.5cm x 2m bx/2 rolls
8633 6cm x 2m bx/1 roll
8634 8cm x 2m bx/1 roll
8635 10cm x 2m bx/1 roll
8642 6cm x 10m bx/1 roll
8643 8cm x 10m bx/1 roll
8644 10cm x 10m bx/1 roll


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