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Wound Dressing Packs
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Procedure Packs and Accessories

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


Wound Dressing Packs A number of Wound Dressing Pack options that have been designed to suit different needs, for the cleaning of a wound prior to a dressing.

  • An all in one pack ready to use for cleaning and dressing wounds
  • Use as a base pack and add components, or use as a stand alone pack
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time, no need to collect the components individually
  • Quality components at a low cost
  • Individually wrapped and sterile

Note: A Non Woven ball is a Non Woven Swab rolled into a ball and held together with a latex free band


*The Specialist Wound Dressing Pack includes single use instruments

For New Zealand customers only.

Ordering Information

Catalogue® Description Size UOM Pack Qty Shipper Qty
2906569-02 PROPAX® Wound Dressing Pack with Non Woven Balls (& Swabs) 126 Sterile Packs Shipper 1 1
2901024-02 PROPAX® Wound Dressing Pack with Latex Free Gloves 126 Sterile Packs Shipper 1 1
2905308 PROPAX® Basic Dressing Pack With 6 Cotton Wool Balls, 126 Sterile Packs Shipper 1 1
2908930-02 PROPAX® Wound Dressing Pack 6 Non Woven Swabs, 126 Sterile Packs Shipper 1 1
2902652-00 PROPAX® Complex Wound Dressing Pack - M 30 Sterile Packs Shipper 1 1


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